The Key to Getting Life Insurance with Day One Coverage at a Preferred Level or Standard Level Rate even with chronic health conditions is this: I scour marketplace for the Right Company that Looks at Your Health Issues Most Favorably. Every Life Insurance Company Has Different Underwriting Standards for Different Health Issues. My job is to match your unique health issues with a Company that's lenient with those particular conditions you have. Very few Agents understand the Art of Underwriting Life Cases for the Disabled or Folks with Chronic Conditions . My wife, Meg Mcmanes, is a Disability Attorney and over the past decade, I've Mastered the process, of getting policies written despite chronic conditions her clients have, because I am Passionate about Finding the Ideal Company at the Lowest Possible Rate available.

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with no waiting period, preferred or standard level rates, and even funeral concierge service included in some Policies I write up for the Disabled and Chronically sick.