Roxie Goodman

Licensed Health and Life Agent/Client Services

Highly qualified health and life agent.

Roxie's Message

Hi! I am Roxie Goodman. I am an independent licensed Medicare agent for the states of Georgia, South Carolina and Florida. I work with Chris Dewey, founder of Mayriver Medicare and Meg Mcmanes, who has an active hearings practice and has represented thousands of clients in Social Security Disability in the Federal District courts and Federal Circuit court of appeals, and has handled thousands of appeals over the last decade. I have known both Chris and Meg for the last decade.
My past experience includes working as a patient advocate through many doctor’s offices back in the early 2000s. My clients also included the disabled, veterans and their spouses, retirees, and family and friends.
I began working with the general public at the age of 15 in my hometown in Georgia. My educational experience included working with Special Needs students who also struggled with learning and emotional disabilities. My academics included Ela, Math, Life Science, Georgia History, Environmental Science, and substitute teaching in grade levels K -12. Retiring in 2019, I continued in the educational field as a substitute teacher.

It was in 2020, when talking with Chris Dewey, I realized I had an opportunity to help the general public with similar needs, not understanding the concept of Medicare Insurance plans and how they work and how I could help them by educating, enrolling and most importantly empathizing with their every need. I am now approaching my first full year as a licensed Medicare agent and continue to enjoy meeting people and knowing how I can help them, based on their daily needs.

I consider myself fortunate to be working with Chris and Meg. I continue to learn how technology plays an important part in being able to help clients in every possible way through the use of cell phones, laptops, computers, and through Sales/Marketing events.

In my spare time, I enjoy Bass fishing and cooking with my husband Billy and spending time with our family and grandchildren when possible. Like Chris, remember, you pay me nothing for services. But you do have an advocate for life. I work for YOU. My reward is knowing I have helped you.