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Are all Supplements Created Equal?

The answer is Yes and No. If you have a Plan G with Blue Cross Blue Shield and you're comparing your Plan G with a Plan G from say Medico, the Plans Coverage and Benefits are indeed identical or equal. Both Plans have a $226 Part B annual deductible. Once you hit $226 BOTH plans pay everything the rest of the year and you pay nothing for medical costs (Part A and Part B costs after Medicare pays their share)

However, the huge difference is 5-7 years down the road, your monthly premium with Blue Cross is 40-80 dollars more a month than Medico, because Medico has among the lowest rate increase history in South Carolina and Blue Cross rates go up, up and away, in particular after age 70 and above.

True or False: I feel more comfortable going with a big name carrier with a household name that I know will pay claims especially if I see them on TV all the time. A lesser known company might not pay claims or offer the same benefits. I'm better off playing it save with Blue Cross or AARP.

The answer is False. Yes the big name carrier does always pay your claims after Medicare pays their 80% share, but so do lesser known carriers like Medico. They all have to. All carriers are regulated by CMS (The Center for Medicare Services). If they don't pay, CMS will shut them down. All Medigap Plans ALWAYS pay your claims.

I'm afraid my doctors won't accept insurance from a no name carrier offering medicare supplements. God knows I don't no won't change my doctor to save a buck. What if my specialist won't accept Medico or other companies you sell?

Read my lips: Any doctor that accepts Medicare MUST accept any and all medicare supplements regardless of their name. If you have a medicare supplement policy, Medicare pays first and then Medicare will forward the processed claim to your medicare supplement carrier to process (pay accordingly) It's that simple.

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